About Steve 


   I am a semi-retired auto body repair professional with more than 35 years of experience.  Restoring classic cars has become my passion/hobby.  Although I am retired, I thoroughly enjoy working on cars, plus it keeps me busy and out-of-trouble. 

   My work ethics are "OLD SCHOOL" and I believe that there is a right-way to restore, repair and paint a vehicle.  I don't rush perfection.  I am meticulous and pay close attention to detail, this assures completed project having that Showroom Appearance & Shine.

   Restoration of your vehicle is not a task that I take lightly.  I truly appreciate these vintage automobiles.  I realize you have many choices in selecting a body shop to complete your restoration, however, you will find a large difference in quality and costs.  I will provide a very high quality restoration by meticulously paying attention to detail and delivering a finished project that will have a Vintage Showroom Appearance & Shine.  I understand that my reputation is on the line with each vehicle that I restore and I strive to make you more than satisfied with my work.  I strive to stay within your budget and keep you informed every step of the way ~ weekly emails & digital pictures. 

 So no matter what vehicle (old or new) you have, if it needs body repairs/painting or restoring, rest assured, we will be happy to bring it back to "Showroom Appearance & Shine" of it's time.

Contact Steve! Email/send Steve your vehicle information and pictures of repairs needed.

Steve would be happy to give estimate/quote on costs to bring your vehicle back in time, to it's Vintage New Car Showroom Appearnace & Shine.


With today's instant communication networking, having your Dream Car done by Steve isn't out of reach. If you are in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin you owe it to yourself. ~ Contact Steve ~ Let Steve Restore, Paint and bring your Dream Car back to the Vintage Showroom Appearance & Shine of it's time 

Steve's & Sue's Car Collection
All restored back to original Vintage Showroom Appearance & Mechanical Operating Condition
       1965 Nova                            1966 Nova                        1968 Camaro
Artesian Turquoise               Sandalwood Gold                  Sequoia Green

REST ASSURED:  Steve's 35 Years Experience = Meticulous & Quality Workmanship