Detailing/Buff & Shine
Shiny, Squeaky,
         Showroom ~ Quality Clean

                      for people who care about their vehicles!

1966 Nova 283 engine compartment

Whether you're getting a vehicle ready for resale, trade-in, lease return or just care how your vehicle looks (Cars, Trucks, SUV, Boats) ~ I Can Detail it! I will buff out paint, clean and detail interior. You may want me to take out and paint any little imperfections that have mysteriously shown up (door dings, scratches, parking lot dents, bumper scrapes and rock chips).
1965 Nova Original Custom Deluxe Interior

Who doesn't like the looks of a well detailed, interior & engine?  
Compliment the high gloss exterior shine that gives your vehicle that Showroom Appearance. Whether you  are a sportsman, or showman you will be proud to show off your vehicle.

Auto detailing is a necessity if you want your vehicle to maintain its value.

1966 Nova Detailed Trunk Area

Detailing Services: Cleaning & painting of minor mishaps, I will do the detailing you request. Don't let damage to your vehicle decrease  it's value or diminish you pride when driving it.
1968 Camaro Vintage Appearance & Shine

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