Accident & Storm Repairs for Your Daily Driver 
Accident or Storm Damage- if your car is drivable, I can fix it.

  • Accidents and Storm damages are usually covered by insurance. Rest Assured, I will work closely with the insurance adjuster to make sure your vehicle is repaired and painted back to the appearance of pre-crash condition. Where insurance does not cover damages, or you don't want to turn claim into insurance, Rest Assured I will make every effort to complete the repairs and paint your vehicle at a price you will find fair.
  • Specializing in: damage repairs of accidents that occurred at stop signs or at slow speeds; parking lots & driveways mishaps; unexpected meetings with winter snow banks; hail and wind storms; signs of rust or rusted out spots.
  • Does your vehicle have door dings, scratches or scrapes down the side. cracked or scraped bumpers, broken headlights or taillights, parts/panels  needing repair or replacement?
  • I will give you an estimate that will cover the damage that is visible, the same way insurance adjusters estimate collision damage. Keep in mind, there may be some hidden damage that is discovered after the visible damaged parts have been removed. Insurance adjuster will re-inspect or request pictures of hidden damage, but will cover the costs to complete repairs correctly. On jobs not being covered by insurance company, I will notify you of any hidden damage, send you pitcures, list additional costs, and get your approval before continuing with repairs.
Rest Assured~ Steve works for you, not the insurance companies ~ Your vehicle will be repaired back to pre-crash condition and will have that  Showroom Appearance and Shine.
1990 Chevy Blazer Snow Storm ~ Icy Spot
1990 Showroom Appearance & Shine

Contact Steve Email/send Steve your vehicle information and pictures of repairs needed. 

Steve would be happy to give a estimate/quote on time and costs to bring your vehicle back to pre crash condition

Stage 1. Schedule your vehicle for repair

For repairs covered by your insurance company you must submit my estimate to the insurance company or present the insurance company's estimate to me.  The insurance company will negotiate the final price with me. In most cases the final cost of repair is not finalized until your vehicle repair has been completed.   I will make sure your vehicle is repaired properly and that the insurance company covers the costs. Did you know, in Minnesota, you have the right to have your vehicle repairs done by the professionals you choose. (Steve will look out for your best interests). You do not have to take your vehicle to the insurance company's preferred shops.   Your vehicle will be scheduled for repairs. 

For non-insurance repair (repairs you pay for without going through your insurance company) or detailing services, I will give you a written estimate and schedule your vehicle for repair.

Stage 2. Your vehicle arrives at the shop

I will remove damaged parts as needed, to see if any additional damage is found (not listed on original estimate). I will keep you up-to-date on repair progress. 

For repairs covered by your insurance company, I will notify insurance adjuster and they will approve additional costs or they may request pictures and a re-inspection before repairs can continue. I will keep you informed on actions of the adjuster. 

*If you are to pay an insurance 'owner's deductible', I may ask for the payment up front. 

 For non-insurance repairs or detailing service, I may need 25% advance payment of original estimate to start the repair.  If any additional repairs or parts are discovered and required, I would need pre-payment for these items before continuing.

Stage 3. Vehicle is ready for painting

All repairs have been completed and I am ready to apply color and clear coats, followed by wet sanding and buffing paint finish to that "Showroom Appearance & Shine." 
For repairs covered by an insurance company there is no action required from owner of vehicle.
For non-insurance repairs and detailing service, I may need 50% advance payment of original estimate to continue.  This covers the costs of painting/detailing supplies and labor costs required for this stage of the repairs or detailing.

Stage 4. Final assembly, polish and owner inspection

All repairs, painting, buffing, parts assembly and detailing have been completed. 

For repairs covered by insurance company, owner will do final inspection and pay any remaining insurance 'owner's deductible' amount due and not paid prior to stage 2.  I will submit final supplements to your insurance company for payment. 

For non-insurance repairs and detailing service, owner will do final inspection and will pay remaining amount of original estimate that has not already been paid. 

•Owner can request computer pictures of repairs done to their vehicle.



REST ASSURED:  Steve's 35 Years Experience = Meticulous & Quality Workmanship