Restore~Paint~Touch-Up  Your Dream Car/Truck  
Restoring Your Dream Car

  • Restoring a car back to "original showroom appearance and driving conditions" is time consuming and can be an expensive venture.  I find the best results can be achieved when there is a complete understanding of what final expectations are- yours and mine.

  • I will first have you email me any pictures or insurance estimates of your vehicle or meet with you to do a visual inspection.  I will give an estimate/quote based on what I see.  Understand, I can only estimate what I see and additional repairs may be needed as we discover them during restoration or collision repairs.

  • Restoration or collision repair projects usually end up having hidden damage that is not always visible during inspection at the time of original estimate.  (example: previous body work hidden under old paint or damaged parts found upon removal of visual damage, often not found until after repairs have been started.)  The original estimate is just that - an estimate.  It is next to impossible to accurately price out the complete repair costs until  hidden damage is discovered.  You or your insurance company will be immediately updated on any additional damage that will cause additional cost to complete repair properly.
  • I will work with you to gain an understanding of what you want repaired/painted on your vehicle.
  • I will help you understand what restoration options are best for your vehicle.
  • We will work together throughout the restoration or collision project making important decisions at each stage of the restoration that will, rest assured, produce the top quality "Vintage Showroom Appearance & Shine" that I pride myself in providing my clients. 
  • I will maintain weekly contact to keep you up-to-date on the progress of the repairs/restoration.  If I find additional repairs that I feel need to be completed, I will provide you with pictures and explain any additional costs.  You will make the final decision to have this work completed.
  • I will provide a CD of all pictures taken during the restoration/repairs of your vehicle.  You can create a photo album.


Contact Steve     Email/send Steve your vehicle information and pictures of repairs needed. 

Steve would be happy to give a estimate/quote on time & costs.

*With today's instant communication networking, having your Dream Car done by Steve isn't out of reach. If you are in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin you owe it to yourself, Contact Steve, let him restore, paint and bring your Dream Car back to the Vintage Showroom Appearance & Shine of it's time 


Stage 1. Schedule your Dream Car for restoration:

A non-refundable scheduling deposit is required. 15% of original estimate/quote ($500 minimum).

I start planning your restoration job. I do research, locate parts, schedule any helpers that I may need, check on paint color, and if needed, arrange to have your vehicle delivered to the shop. I will be ready for your Dream Car when it arrives for restoration, paint or touch-ups.

Stage 2. Deliver  your Dream Car to Steve's & begin restoration:

Once vehicle is delivered to shop (I can arrange to have it picked up at owner's expense).  An additional payment is required, 35% of original estimate/quote, to start the restoration (remove as required chrome, windows, paint)           

During Stage 2 of Restoration, if I find that additional repairs or parts are required to complete restoration RIGHT, owner will be emailed pictures or asked to come to shop to discuss findings.  Additional payments for these repairs or parts will be required prior to completing repairs or ordering parts. 

 If vehicle needs restoration of interior or mechanical work I can do portions of what is required and I will work with whatever other source owner of vehicle chooses (seats, engine, transmission will be sent out).   I do not do any upholstery or mechanical rebuilding, but  I can provide references for these services.

Stage 3. Painting Phase:

All repairs to body have been completed and needed parts have been received.  Owner will be asked to inspect panel fit and body lines. An advancement payment is required, 35% of original estimate/quote, to complete the painting phase. (Block sand primers, apply color, block sanding and buffing final clear coats.)  Owner will be asked to inspect final paint appearance.

Stage 4. Final Assembly & Polish: 

An advance payment is required. 10% of original estimate/quote, to complete the restoration project by installing any remaining parts and chrome.  Spit Shine to Vintage New Car Showroom Appearance & Shine.

Stage 5. Final Payment and Make Pick-up Arrangements:

Once final payment, 5% of original estimate/quote, has cleared the bank, owner of vehicle can have vehicle picked up, as previously arranged.  Vehicles not picked up 5 days after final payment paid will incur storage charge of $20 per day and shop will not be liable for any damages to vehicle.

*All restoration work/painting is contracted on the basis of time and material using original estimate/quote as guide only.



REST ASSURED:  Steve's 35 Years Experience = Meticulous & Quality Workmanship